Is your business growing at a healthy rate? Do you feel like you’re at a tipping point where you need a little extra help in a variety of different areas but can’t hire someone full time to carry the load? There are options to help you continue to grow your business but avoid the expense of hiring full or even part time staff.

We work with you to figure out what kind of business support you need and then figure out a customized communications plan that we execute together. To make sure that we meet you’re continuously changing needs we offer in-house and off-site marketing and communications support for your business.

We have two options for web site maintenance available to our clients.

   Per project/As needed

We do web site edits for all kinds of different sites on a per project or as needed basis. This is perfect for the business owner that needs a quick update here and there on their site throughout the year.   All projects will be quoted in advance and subject to our regular rate.

   Monthly maintenance plan

We offer maintenance packages at discounted rates for business owners that require site updates on a more frequent basis. Maintenance packages are customizable to the jobs you need done and the amount of time you require per month. This includes simple content changes, reminder emails prompting for content, web site statistics reporting and analysis, strategy discussions, etc.